Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc

A bike designed for winning

Argon 18’s next-generation road racing bike, the Gallium Pro Disc. A masterpiece that’s stiff, yet comfortable and balanced, offering you the top in high-performance racing.

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Argon 18, The Difference

Here at Argon 18, we produce top high-end bicycles. By pushing the limits of innovation and using the latest in cutting-edge technologies, we can provide you with the highest-quality, top-performing and most technologically advanced track, triathlon, road and time trial bicycles in the world.

Our Bikes

dark matter small

Dark Matter

gallium small


gallium cs small

Gallium CS

gallium disc small

Gallium Disc

gallium pro small

Gallium Pro

gallium pro disc small

Gallium Pro Disc

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krypton cs small

Krypton CS

krypton gf small

Krypton GF

nitrogen disc small

Nitrogen Disc

e 117 tri small

E 117 Tri

e 119 tri small

E 119 Tri

e 119 tri plus small

E 119 Tri+

E 117 Tri Disc

E 118 Tri +

electron pro small

Electron Pro

What Our Riders Are Saying

“I felt so strong on my Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ on the Placid course. It’s one of the most challenging IRONMAN courses out there with lots of climbing and some fast, technical descents. I felt like I could just attack the climbs and my Argon 18 responded- it is light and felt like I was climbing on my road bike. I was also able to stay aero on the fast descents and rolling sections helping me ride the fastest bike split of the day.”

Heather JacksonProfessional triathlete, winner of IRONMAN™ Lake Placid 2018

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