Argon 18 takes its work seriously. To become and remain one of the top high-end bicycle manufacturers in the world you must offer products of impeccable quality, but that’s not all. You also need to face challenges head-on with aplomb, constantly push its limits, use cutting-edge technology and respect traditions of cycling.

At Argon 18, we understand that being the gold standard in cycling is first and foremost a question of attitude and pride; that’s why we work day in and day out, year after year, to prove that we have what it takes.



Introducing Notio Konect, a new revolution in aerodynamic efficiency. This tech by Argon 18 measures aero drag, power & more in real-time.

“ Whether climbing, sprinting or on a breakaway, the Gallium offers dramatic and flawless acceleration. ”

Gervais Rioux, Founder and President of Argon 18

“ A well-sorted rapid handling bike that’s brimming with fun-filled potential. The Krypton delivers a rock-solid performance. ”


“ All in all, the Nitrogen Pro is fast, nimble, and just plain fun. We were caught smiling quite a bit as we zipped around corners and plunged down a few descents. ”


“ I love how the Argon 18 E-119Tri+ rides, how comfortable it is without compromising on aerodynamics and performance. It's perfection. ”

Craig Alexander, 3-time IRONMAN World Champion and 2-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

“ With E-119 Tri+ Argon 18 has set a whole new standard in the industry. It is stiff so I don’t loose any power, responsive so I can always push for every inch going around corners and has to be the most comfortable and adjustable time trial bike that I have ever ridden. ”

Terenzo Bozzone, 5-time Triathlon World Champion